International CODATA Conference | 24-27 October 2010 Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to 22nd International CODATA Conference 24-27 October 2010 Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Krishan Lal, President CODATA Dr. Krishan Lal,
President CODATA

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the CODATA 2010 website. CODATA is delighted to announce that its 22nd International CODATA Conference "Scientific Information for Society: From Today to the Future", will take place in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Scientific data has been one of the key components that have propelled the growth of science and technology. Recent spectacular achievements in information technology have changed the way scientific research is being carried out. Similarly, modes of storage, dissemination, archival and management of data have undergone a sea change. It is now possible to network research groups located anywhere in the world through internet and to transfer huge amount of data and other information practically without loss of time. It is hoped that this infrastructure together with possibilities of grid computing and other recent developments will be instrumental in taking science to new heights and technological developments will lead to transformation of human society.

This evolution has also resulted in many challenges for the scientific community- ranging from data management to data quality, data access, data archiving issues to name but a few.

Given this unprecedented rate of advancement in science and technology never before has scientific data and information played such a critical role in the scientific, social, and economic evolution of all nations- both developed and developing countries. Achieving scientific development depends on increased cooperation between scientists from the North and the South.

For the foregoing reasons CODATA and the National Research Federation, South Africa, are delighted to co-host this international conference. This conference will provide a truly international forum where scientists and policy makers can come together to discuss these challenges. In doing so we will build on the vision of the ICSU African Regional Office:

  • Excellence in science is to be linked to policy making and to the sustainable socio-economic development in Africa.
  • Equitable access to scientific data and information; and establishment of scientific capacity that may be used to contribute to the production of new scientific knowledge for the sustainable benefit of society.

Over the next few months additional information will be available on the site. I invite you to browse this site and we look forward to your participation at this event in 2010.

Signature Dr. Krishan Lal,
President CODATA
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