22nd CODATA International Conference 2010

Scientific Program

Final program


Saturday, 23 October 2010


Pre-Conference Meeting:

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pre-Conference Meetings:


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ICSU World Data System Panel Discussion (Open)


Official Opening of the 22nd International CODATA Conference

Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa

Monday, 25 October 2010


Welcome Remarks

Albert van Jaarsveld, President and CEO, NRF, South Africa
Krishan Lal, President, CODATA
Pierre Cilliers, Co-Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, CODATA 2010


Keynote Speaker

Introduction: Pierre Cilliers, Co-Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, CODATA 2010

Lidia Brito, Head of the Science Policy Division, UNESCO


High Level Session A1

The Importance of Data Sharing in the Context of the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS)

Geoff Brundrit,
Special Advisor on Oceans and Climate Change, Dept. of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
Robert Chen, Secretary General, CODATA

Val Munsami , Deputy Director General, Department of Science & Technology, South Africa

Earth Observation Technologies for the Wenchuan and Yushu Earthquake Disaster Monitoring and Data Sharing
Huadong Guo, Director General, Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

The Data Sharing Action Plan: a key milestone for achieving the vision of GEOSS
Massimo Craglia, Institute for Environment and Sustainability Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

U.S. Perspectives on How Data Sharing, Openness, and Transparency Makes for Better Science
Michael Tanner, Senior Advisor NOAA, National Climatic Data Center

High Level Session A2

GRDI2020 - Towards a 10-Year Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures (1)

Erwin Laure,
Director, the High Performance Computing Center at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Welcome and Session Overview
Erwin Laure, Director, the High Performance Computing Center at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

European Vision & Digital Agenda Strategy
Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens, Greece

Progress in Rolling-out a Large Data Repository for Scientific Data in South Africa: An Initiative by the Department of Science and Technology
Happy Sithole, Director, Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa

GRDI Vision for Next Generation Global Data Infrastructures
Costantino Thanos, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Software + Services for Data Storage, Management, Discovery, and Re-Use
Alex Wade, Microsoft Research, UK
Coffee Break

Access to and Reuse of Public Sector Information:
Practices and Challenges

Co-Chairs: Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Paul Uhlir

Scientific Data for Sustainable Development (1)

Co-Chairs: Jean Pierre Caliste and Abdelkader Allali


GRDI2020 - Towards a 10-Year Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures (2)

Chair: Yannis Ioannidis


Next Generation Astronomical Challenges

Co-Chairs: Ray Norris and Pierre Cilliers


Interoperability of Materials Databases

Co-Chairs: Toshihiro Ashino and Laura Bartolo

B1-1: B2-1: B3-1 B4-1: B5-1:
Public Sector Information Online: Measuring the Social and Economic Costs and Benefits
Paul Uhlir and Raed Sharif

System Adjustment of Different Nature Data for Global Modeling of Sustainable Development
Mikhail Zgurovsky

The ICSU World Data System
Jean Bernard Minster
Data Challenges of Next-Generation Radio Telescopes
Ray Norris
Using OAI-ORE to Capture the Provenance and Results of Materials Science Research
Jane Hunter
B1-2: B2-2: B3-2 B4-2: B5-2:
Considerations for Information Accessibility of Very Large Datasets
Puneet Kishor
Stewarding African Social Science Research Data
Faye Reagon & Lucia Lotter
Global Data Infrastructures
Francoise Genova
Meerkat and the Square Kilometre Array
Kurt van der Heyden
On Design, Quality and Exchangeable aspects of Indian Materials Database
S. Rajeswari
B1-3: B2-3 : B3-3 B4-3: B5-3:
How the Data Commons Is Being Built Using Open Content Licences
Anne Fitzgerald
Dynamics of Knowledge Circulation for Sustainability Innovation
Yarime Masaru
Technological Challenges and Recommendations for Global Data Research Infrastructures
Andreas Aschenbrenner
The South African Virtual Observatory
Sudhanshu Barway
International activities for Interoperability of Material Databases, CEN WS ELSSI-EMD/VAMAS TWA35/AMDC and CODATA
Toshihiro Ashino
B1-4: B2-4: B3-4 B4-4 B5-4
The Value of Public Sector Information for Socio-economic Development Research and Policy Activities in South Africa
Raed Sharif
Harnessing data flow potentials for sustainable applications of Science, Technology and Innovation for African Development
Kassim Mwitondi and Jamal B. Bugrien
Organisational & Policy Challenges and Recommendations for Global Data Research Infrastructures
Matti Heikkurinen
Data Management for the SALT Telescope
Steve Crawford
Materials Science Data Management Survey: How the present can inform our future
Laura Bartolo
B1-5:   B3-5    
Public Licenses for the Public Sector: Some Experience from Taiwan
Tyng-Ruey Chuang
  Moderated Discussions and Feedback from Participants/Audience    
Socio-economic Impacts of Geographic PSI: Recent Studies
Massimo Craglia

Data Access & Policy Issues

Co-Chairs: Anne Fitzgerald and Hillary Inyang

CODATA TGDC and UN GAID e-SDDC Joint Session: CODATA Benefits Developing World - Past and Future

Co-Chairs: Chuang Liu, Paul Uhlir

Biodiversity Data Management and Sharing in Africa

Co-Chairs: Simeon H. Taole and Vanderlei Canhos


Preservation and Archiving

Co-Chairs: Mike Moll and Usha Mujoo Munshi

Earth and Environmental Data: Hazards

Co-Chairs: Huadong Guo and Joseph Matondo
C1-1: C2-1: C3-1:
C4-1: C5-1:
Scientific Data Sharing Progress and its New Features in China
Wang Juanle
Activities and challenges in the establishment of data preservation platforms that would support the mitigation of Millennium Development Goal's in the region
Daisy Selematsela
The Value of Spatial Data in Understanding and Projecting Climate Change Impacts on Species and Ecosystems
Guy Midgley
Preserving scientific data in developing countries: The Birth to Twenty data curation project
Alison Bullen & Lucia Lötter
Data for "earthquake scenario damage" assessment
Jean Bonnin
C1-2: C2-2: C3-2:
C4-2: C5-2:
Ocean Tracking Network Data Policy and Management Methods
Robert Branton
Principles of Internet Governance of Open Knowledge Environment in Bridging Digital Divide
Liu Chuang
'Mind the Gap' - Bridging the Aquatic Biodiversity Information Chasm in Southern Africa
Paul H. Skelton
Jonkershoek - preserving 73 years of catchment monitoring data
Victoria Goodall
Modeling Geological Objects in 3D An Exploration Tool for Natural Resources Appraisal
Jean Jacques Royer
C1-3: C2-3 C3-3:
C4-3: C5-3:
Role of Data for Promoting Public Understanding of Science
Aladeniyi, O. B & Omolofe, B
  Discovering and documenting South Africa's biodiversity
Michelle Hamer
Data curation practices amongst World Data Centres
Paul Laughton
Methods development concerning data analysis, data management, and simulation for early warning of mass movements
Martin Breunig
C1-4:   C3-4:
SIDR-UEVE: a pilot for eliciting a French academic policy on data preservation in Life sciences
Herbert Gruttemeier
  Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Invasive Alien Plants in South Africa: Managing for Sustainability
Brian van Wilgen
The role of C@ribNET in the preservation of and access to scientific and technical data in developing countries.
Robert Lancashire
C1-5:   C3-5: C4-5:  
US-China Roundtable Discussion
  SANBI's Biodiversity Information Policy Framework: a mechanism to facilitate free and open access to information
Selwyn Willoughby
Archiving in Digital Cartography and Geoinformation
Horst Kremers

Open Access Data Models: The Argument for a Polar Information Commons

Co-Chairs: Robert Chen and Selwyn Willoughby

UN GAID e-SDDC Roundtable Session: CODATA for the eMDG (Millennium Development Goals)

Co-Chairs: Chuang Liu, Paul Uhlir, Huadong Guo, Krishan Lal

Biodiversity Data Management and Sharing

Co-Chairs: Bonnie Carroll and Brian van Wilgen

Earth and Environmental Data: Remote Sensing

Co-Chairs: Ray Harris and Joseph K. Kanyanga

Young Scientists
Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Raed Sharif
D1-1: D2-1: D3-1: D4-1: D5-1:
The Hermanus Magnetic Observatory and the IPYs: Past, Present, and Future
Pierre Cilliers
Open Knowledge Environments for Promoting the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals and a Potential Role for CODATA
Paul Uhlir
A solution to integration and sharing data for phylogenetic research
Jianhui Li
An application of Remote Sensing Technology on Chinese Inland Water-body research
Lianglin Hu

Issues and Challenges Facing Young African Scientists Today
D1-2:   D3-2: D4-2: D5-2:
The Enduring Legacy of IPY in Canada: Sharing The Data
Ellsworth LeDrew
  Information and Communication Technology, Social Networks and the Development of the Brazilian Biodiversity Information Infrastructure
Vanderlei Canhos
Development of land surface phenology monitoring using time series of remote sensing data
Linlin Lu
The Role of Young Scientists in Addressing these Challenges
D1-3:   D3-3: D4-3: D5-3:
Freeing data through The Polar Information Commons
Taco de Bruin
  The Biodiversity Advisor website, adding value, building capacity and merging biodiversity databases
Heather Terrapon
A Study on Real Time Simulation and Data Assimilation System
Yang Wang
The Importance, Availability and Quality of Scientific Data: African Young Scientists Perspectives
D1-4:     D4-4: D5-4:
The State of Polar Data
Mark Parsons, Taco de Bruin
    A Web-based data-processing system for Landsat imagery datasets
Xuezhi Wang
The Role of African Scientists in Promoting the Availability and Accessibility of Scientific Data within the Region
D1-5:     D4-5: D5-5:
Coordination of Polar Data Management Post-IPY - Open Discussion
Scott Tomlinson
    The climatology analysis of the terrestrial snow parameters derived from remote sensing data and ground station observation
Xinwu Li

The Role of African Scientists in Promoting the Availability and Accessibility of Scientific Data on a Global Level
Coffee Break/Poster Viewing

Data Management to Support Research Integrity

Chair: Mark Thorley

Scientific Data for Sustainable Development (2)

Co-Chairs: Michelle Hamer and John Broome

e-Science and e-Science Networks

Co-Chairs: Hilary Hanahoe and Steve Rossouw

Gaps in Environmental Data Records

Chair: John Faundeen

Young Scientists
Scientific Session -
The Importance of Scientific Data for a Better Society: The African Perspective

Co-Chairs: Alexis Pasichny, Henry Roman & Raed Sharif
E1-1: E2-1: E3-1: E4-1: E5-1:
Roundtable Discussion Sub-Saharan Africa - Sustainability Risks Discussion
Victoria A. Bakhtina
The Construction of the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Platform and the Scientific and Technological Resource Sharing Network of China
Cheng Dong
Identifying Data Richness and Data Gaps in the 38-Year Record of Landsat Environmental Holdings
John Faundeen
Development of Computational Tools and Management of Next Generation Mycobacterial Sequencing Data
Alecia Naidu
E1-2: E2-2: E3-2: E4-2 E5-2:
Roundtable Discussion Observational, research and training programs to build geoscience capacity in Africa
Ray Durrheim
E-science in Azerbaijan: state-of-the-art and development perspectives
Alguliyev R.M., Fataliyev T.Kh.
Global Land Survey Activities and Land Cover Analysis from Landsat
Shannon Franks
Dragon Antimicrobial Peptide Database: A collection of manually curated antimicrobial peptides
Musa Nur Gabere
E1-3: E2-3: E3-3: E4-3: E5-3:
Roundtable Discussion O3D - Data Kiosk - Sustainable Development
Jean Pierre Caliste
DLM: A Common Data Process Pipeline for Large Scale Scientific Dataset based on Duckling Collaboration Platform
Jianjun Yu
Environmental Data Through Time - Extending The Climate Record
Stephen Del Greco
Assessment on the Environmental Health Conditions and Associated Health Threats in Kebribeyhae Refuge Camp Somali National Regional State, Ethiopia
Feleke Kibret
E1-4: E2-4:   E4-4: E5-4:
Roundtable Discussion Synergy of Sustainable Development Model
P. Kervalishvili
  The Role of Flying Apsaras of China in Aerospace Science Fiction ---- Take Stamps between Flying Apsaras in frescoes and Space Walk of Astronauts as Example
Liu Chuang
Preparing Climatic Data for Analysis and Use
Joyce Akinyi Otieno
E1-5: E2-5:   E4-5: E5-5
Roundtable Discussion Development of a Global Roads Open Access Data Set (gROADS)
Robert Chen
  Innovation and its Potential in the Context of Ecological Component of Sustainable Development
Victoria Bakhtina
Research and Implementation of Data Intensive Scalable Computing Platform for Scientific Applications
Yuanchun Zhou
        Free ART in Cote d'Ivoire: perceptions, issues and challenges
Sosthene N'Guessan

CODATA Prize Award Ceremony

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Keynote Speakers

Chair: Pierre Cilliers, Co-Chair of the Science Program Committee, CODATA 2010

Kari Raivio,Vice-President for Scientific Planning and Review, International Council of Science (ICSU)

Jean Bernard Minster, Chair, ICSU World Data System Scientific Committee (WDS-SC)


Panel Discussion: Strategic Planning for Data and Information Issues

Chair: Krishan Lal, CODATA President

Ray Harris, Chair, ICSU Strategic Coordinating Committee on Information and Data (SCCID)

Andrew Kaniki,Executive Director, Knowledge Fields Development Directorate of the NRF, South Africa

Coleen Vogel,Member of IRDR Scientific Committee

Krishan Lal,CODATA President

10:30-11:30 Coffee Break /Poster Madness - Session 1

Chair: Gordon Wood

Parallel High Level Sessions F


Data Publishing in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS)

Michael Diepenbroek
, Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM), University of Bremen
Mikhail Zgurovsky, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

Data Publishing in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS)
Michael Diepenbroek

Data Centre-Library Co-operation in Data Publication in Ocean Science
Roy Lowry

Integrating Data with Publications: Greater Interactivity and Challenges for Long-Term Preservation of the Scientific Record
Brian McMahon

Persistent Identifiers & Catalogues - A Library's Perspective

Jan Brase


Co-ordinating Data Standards: The Perspective of Scientific Unions

Chair: Lesley Wyborn, Australian Academy of Science

A new role for CODATA in Harmonizing the Data Standards Activities of the International Science Bodies
Lesley Wyborn

The IUGS Approach to Standards Leadership : The Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI)
John Broome

The IUGG Union Commission on Data and Information - UCDI
Peter Fox

The Role of the IAU in Managing the Petabytes of Astronomical Data
Ray Norris

Data Standards within IUPAC and the role of CPEP
Robert Lancashire


Interoperability and Ontologies

Co-Chairs: Joyce Kinabo and Peter Fox


ICSU World Data System: International Building Blocks

Co-Chairs: David Clark and Luiz Horta


Linking Asia e-Infrastructure with Global Data Infrastructure

Co-Chairs: Simon C. Lin and Eric Yen

Data at Risk (1)

Chair: Ray Norris

(Brief Introduction by R.E.M. Griffin)

Data Communities and Knowledge Integration

Co-Chairs: Daisy Selematsela and Shuichi Iwata

G1-1: G2-1:
G3-1: G4-1:
Towards Global Data Interoperability
Costantino Thanos
Construction and Application of Thematic Database for Human-Earth System
Shunbao Liao
Global e-Science Framework in the Regional Context
Simon C. Lin
Whose Responsability is it to Maintain Data for Others to Use?Should the Individual Work for the Community or Vice Versa?
William L. Anderson
Best Practices for Collaborative Data Access and Integration Projects
John Broome
G1-2: G2-2:
G3-2: G4-2:
Interoperability of environmental data models : an approach based on correspondences between ontologies
Anne-Francoise Cutting-Decelle
The Work of Center for Geophysics: from WDC to WDS
Fenglin Peng
Distributed Computing Standards for e-Science Collaboration
Eric Yen
Preservation of Digital Data
D. Schade
Building Communities of Data Scientists: what works and what doesn't
Lesley Wyborn
G1-3: G2-3:
G3-3: G4-3: G5-3:
Metadata for Scientific Data: An Analysis Targeting Challenges and Opportunity in Our Global Information Ecology
Jane Greenberg
Long-term Legacy of the LBA Project: Data Archives
Luiz Horta
Global Scientific Data Infrastructures: Empowering the Multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary Science
Costantino Thanos
Biodiversity Needs Data: Rescuing Natural History Information
Anton Guentsch
A Socio-Technical Framework for Enhancing the Quality and Trust of Citizen Science Data
Jane Hunter
G1-4: G2-4:
G3-4: G4-4: G5-4:
DataCite - International Consortium for Data Citation
Jan Brase
Realizing the Vision and Potential of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems: Implementation Guidelines for the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles
Michael Tanner
A proposed seismic array surrounding the South China Sea and its potential scientific achievement
Bor-Shouh Huang
Preserving and Digitizing Astronomy's 100-Year Heritage of Photographic Observations
R.E.M. Griffin
A data science community based on duckling collaboration platform
Luqing Yu
Scientific Data Access Activities and Infrastructure in China
Jianhui Li
Coffee Break /Poster Madness - Session 2

Chair: Brian McMahon
16:30-18:00 H1

Health and Human Wellbeing in Africa

Co-Chairs: Charles Wambebe and Franck Lepore

The ICSU World Data System: a Disciplined or Un-disciplined Intitiative?

Co-Chairs: Francoise Genova and Ruth Neilan

Task Group and Working Group Reports

Chair: Krishan Lal

Data at Risk (2)
Roundtable Discussion

Moderators: W.L. Anderson & E. Griffin

Young Scientists
Cape Town Declaration

Co-Chairs: Alexis Pasichny, Henry Roman & Raed Sharif
H4-1: H5-1:
African Traditional Medicine and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Philippe Rasoanaivo
Lessons learnt from building the astronomical Virtual Observatory
Francoise Genova
International Polar Year Data Policy and Management Subcommittee Task Group Report
Mark Parsons
Roundtable Discussion DDPC: Dragon Database of Genes Associated with Prostate Cancer
Monique Maqungo
H1-2: H2-2:
H3-2: H4-2: H5-2:
Environmental Sanitation and Household Water Supply in Africa
Isaac Quaye
The contribution of a Geophysical Data Service: the International Service of Geomagnetic Indices
Michel Menvielle
Anthropometry Task Group Report
Karen Bredenkamp
Roundtable Discussion Cartographie de l'occupation du sol entre 1986 et 2006 dans le Bassin versant de Kolondieba-Tiendaga en zone soudanienne au sud du Mali.
Ibrahima Daou
H1-3: H2-3:
H4-3: H5-3:
Role of Data in Improved and Sustainable Food and Agricultural Productivity in Africa
Sunita Facknath
The Heliophysics Data Environment, Virtual Observatories, NSSDC, and SPASE
James Thieman
Data Sources for Sustainable Development in SADC Countries, Task Group Report
Daisy Selematsela
Roundtable Discussion Young Scientists Cape Town Declaration
H1-4: H2-4: H3-4:
H4-4: H5-4:
Food Safety and Quality Nutrition in Africa
Joyce Kinabo
A South African Platform for Data Systems: the World Data Centre for Biodiversity and Human Health as a Case Study
Wim Hugo
2010 Report of the CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Constants
Barry Woord & Gordon Wood
Roundtable Discussion Young Scientists Cape Town Declaration
  H2-5 H3-5:
H4-5: H5-5:
  OneGeology - Improving Access to Geoscience Information on a Global Scale
John Broome
Progress of the Global Roads Working Group
Robert Chen
Roundtable Discussion Young Scientists Cape Town Declaration
    Working Group Report on Documentation, Archiving and Open Access to Disaster Information
Horst Kremers

Conference Banquet

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


High Level Session


Krishan Lal
, President, CODATA
Dominic W. Makawiti, Chair, ICSU Regional Committee for Africa

Scientific Data: The Engine of Innovation - New Opportunities and Challenges for CODATA
Guo Huadong, Director General, Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Structuring and use of Science-based Decision Support System in African Development Programs
Hilary I. Inyang, President, International Society for Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG)

CODATA Future Vision
Mikhail Zgurovsky, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

Coffee Break/Poster Viewing

Data Systems for Resource Management

Co-Chairs: Anthony Cooper and Brian McMahon

Global Environmental Change

Chair: Jean Bernard Minster

Data Center Infrastructure and Technology


Advanced Data Mining and Management

Chair: Sarah Graves, and Stanley Mukanganyama

Special SANBI Session

Chair: Vanderlei Canhos
I1-1: I2-1: I3-1:
The Potential of a Centralised Electronic Database for Environmental & Related Data Reporting and Resource Management for Developing Countries and SIDS
Sunita Facknath
The Impact of Land Degradation and Biodiversity Loss on Human Wellbeing in Africa
Abdelkader Allali
  Managing and Publishing Relational Database via VisualDB
Zhihong Shen
Potential drug targets in Mycobacterium tuberculosis through comparative genome analysis of three KZN strains
Ruben Cloete
I1-2: I2-2: I3-2:
D4Science: An e-Infrastructure for Facilitating Fisheries and Aquaculture Resource Management
Donatella Castelli
Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall and Water Resources in Africa
Joseph K. Kanyanga
  Data mining techniques to study research aptitude of medical students in India
Meera Singh
DESHCV: Hepatitis C virus customized web-based software for biomedical text mining
Samuel K Kwofie
I1-3: I2-3: I3-3:
Introducing electronic data logging to the South African and International commercial fishing industry:
Amos Barkai
Air Pollution and Health Impact in Urban Areas in Africa
Abdourahamane Konare
  Development of Efficient Experimental Database System for Steel Manufacturing Industries
Jonghyun Lee
Evolutionary Genomics of Glossina Morsitans Immune-Related Clip Domain Serine Proteases and Serine Protease Inhibitors
Sarah Mwangi
I1-4: I2-4: I3-4:
I4-4: I5-4:
Integrating Solid State Disks in Storage Resource Management of Scientific Data
E. J. Otoo
Africa's Oceanographic Uniqueness
Regina Folorunsho
  Adding Value to NASA Planetary Data Archives by Integrating Mission Data and Documents
Thomas Stein
Prediction of MicroRNA Targets in Anopheles gambiae: Towards an Understanding of Parasitic Control by Blood-sucking Mosquito
Mushal Ali

I2-5: I3-5:

  Regional Preparedness for Effective Oil Spill Response and Remediation - Environmental Sensitivity Mapping and Challenges of Environmental Degradation
Moses Mensah
    The transcriptome profile of Glossina morsitans morsitans: a vector for sleeping sickness
Mark Wamalwa
        Genome mining of SNARE proteins in Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma cruzi and an investigation of their evolution
Edwin Murungi
13:30-15:00 J1

Biological and Health Data

Co-Chairs: Takashi Gojobori and Charles Wambebe (TBC)


Taiwan Integrated Earth Observation Systems

Chair: Chih-Hong Sun


Data Management Practices and Plans

Co-Chairs: Elisha Chiware and Ellsworth LeDrew

J1-1: J2-1:
The contributions of data banks to the study of childhood development
Franco Lepore
Prospective of Taiwan Integrated Earth Observation System
Bo Chen
Findings of a Survey of Research Data Management Practices at the University of Pretoria, South Africa
Heila Pienaar
Development of an Integrated Database of Completely Sequenced Plastids and Cyanobacteria Genomes
Takashi Kunisawa
The FORMOSAT Data Used in Earth Observation
Bo Chen
Data management activities of Canada's National Science Library - 2010 update and prospective
Mary Zborowski
Predicting Breast Cancer Using Combined K-fold Cross-validated Decision Tree Models
Mohamed Salem & Kassim Mwitondi
Sensor Web Enablement for Debris Flow Monitoring System in Taiwan
Yi-Min Huang
National Policy on Digital Preservation for India: A Basic Framework
Usha Mujoo Munshi
Knowledge management of biomedical research data
Sri S.K. Dey Biswas
Intelligent Spatial Decision Support System Platform For Sustainable Development
Chih-Hong Sun
Theory to practice: Short phrase, long process!
Martie van Deventer
  Development of near Real-Time, High-Resolution, Global Earth Observation 3D Platform for Disaster Monitoring and Assessment
Whey-Fone Tsai, Fang-Pang Lin, Jo-Yu Chang, Bo Chen, Morris Sun & Franz Cheng
Library Curation of Long-tail Science Data
Bryan Heidorn

    Improving the Collection of Data on Social Science and Humanities. Experiences from the South
Michael Kahn
15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony
Young Scientists Awards
Best Poster Award